Biomatics awarded Innovate UK ‘Create Growth’ grant

Biomatics have become part of the first group of successful Create Growth Programme applicants, having recently been awarded a grant from Innovate UK. 

The Biomatics team will be using the grant to provide secure and confidential zero-knowledge data collaboration spaces as a service, using homomorphic encryption technology.

Data is valuable, but sharing data is often impossible due to confidentiality and privacy limitations. Homomorphic Encryption (HE) is an emerging technology that enables computations on encrypted data without decrypting it (zero knowledge). This enables data owners to make data sets available to other organisations for processing tasks, such as training of machine learning models, queries and comparisons, without disclosing the content of the data itself, removing one of the major barriers for providing access to data and enabling new collaboration opportunities.

Biomatics’ HE project aims to create secure and trusted cloud-based collaboration spaces. This would provide immediate value to data owners by providing secure collaboration spaces that enable the use of existing software and libraries, making it easy to use these collaboration spaces. This will allow a focus on effectively using data without having to worry about the IT and programming overhead required to provide the collaboration space.

Beyond this, Biomatics intend to work with their customers to address shortcomings in their current software and enabling new use cases and to support the community by contributions to existing public libraries, where it is reasonable.

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