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Genomic Pipeline Cloud Migration

Oxford Gene Technologies are pioneers in hybridisation technology and a leading provider of clinical research and diagnostic solutions. They work in partnership with their customers to progress the future of genetic-based medicine enabling researchers and clinical decision makers to reach the right care decisions for each patient, every time.

The Challenge

Biomatics were approached by Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) to investigate the viability of migrating their software to a cloud-based solution, moving away from the existing process of installing the technology on a single hardware instance.

The type of hardware the application was deployed on, varied from a rudimentary laboratory laptop to a high-end workstation. The files being processed in this type of installation could be up to 10GB in size, with several of these files being processed in succession, meaning that significant computing power was needed to fully utilise the technology.

This type of deployment was prone to damage and had in the past led to increased downtime and failed analysis runs. It also limited the number of files that could be processed at a single time, limiting the scalability of the system. The proposed solution was to migrate to a cloud-based offering.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Scalability

Our Action

Biomatics undertook an initial discovery piece of work that allowed us to understand the existing problems, limitations, and feasibility of the project. In early 2022, we provided OGT with a proof of concept of a system designed to move their software to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution.

The migration element of the project was undertaken by a Biomatics Cloud Architect and Systems Developer and has included designing and developing operational artefacts for the implementation of the OGT Landing Zone, consisting of Management, Development, Pre-Production and Customer environments hosted within the London Region of Amazon Web Services, while ensuring that all the existing OGT systems integrated and worked seamlessly with the cloud solution.

Using workshops, previous PoC knowledge and AWS best practices, Biomatics designed and delivered an infrastructure platform that can service the Interpret application to OGT’s customers, in a repeatable, robust, manageable, secure, and low-cost manner.

This project utilised:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Discovery Phase is Key

The Results

The outcome for OGT is a regionally data-compliant cloud solution, which allows for flexibility in terms of capacity and saves time and resources both internally and for their end clients.

  • Time Savings: The cloud solution significantly reduces processing time, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Scalability: OGT now enjoys the freedom to scale its technology seamlessly in response to growing demands.
  • Secure Data Compliance: The cloud migration ensures OGT’s adherence to data compliance standards, bolstering security.
  • Scalability
  • Secure Data Compliance
  • Time savings

In the ever-evolving landscape of genetic-based medicine, the collaboration between OGT and Biomatics has not only addressed the challenges faced but has propelled OGT into a future where flexibility, scalability, and secure data management are the cornerstones of success. The cloud-powered solution signifies not just a technological upgrade but a strategic leap into a more agile and efficient era.

Jolyon Holdstok | Director of Computational Biology

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