Quality Improvement & Change Management

Implementing sustainable change

Why Biomatics?

A Quality Improvement approach provides a vital framework for Health & Care organisations to drive positive change, deliver better care, and continuously strive for excellence in their daily roles. Our Biomatics team thread Quality Improvement techniques throughout their work with Health & Care organisations, to enhance patient outcomes and staff engagement, and increase safety and efficiency.

Despite advances in healthcare services and the introduction of many new technologies, the anticipated impact is often limited by challenges in fostering new ways of working among staff. 

Our Biomatics team utilises the Change Model for Health and Care to navigate these complexities and deliver genuine, measurable and sustainable change that benefits patients, staff and systems. 

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement (QI) refers to the systematic application of a proven methodology for effecting positive change within health & care teams, departments and organisations.

We provide various delivery approaches, including, training, facilitation, coaching and consultation in the practical and impactful utilisation of QI methodologies.

This well-tested approach facilitates the growth of organisational capabilities by promoting the transfer of knowledge and skills among staff to develop improved organisational performance through data-informed decision-making and a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

Recognising People

We adopt a holistic approach to change, recognising the pivotal role of people in driving forward transformation. Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced health and care experts, with years of professional and clinical expertise, delivers change through a blend of expertise, empathy, and understanding, whilst maintaining the right degree of critical challenge.

We aim to empower individuals to embrace change and contribute meaningfully to the overall transformation process.

Change Management - Cultural Change and Staff Engagement​

We understand the importance of cultural change and user adoption in any digital transformation programme. Staff need to be engaged, motivated, and trained to embrace new technologies and processes. 

Change is hard, and it can be a major obstacle to achieving organisational goals. When organisations invest in change management to create a culture that embraces innovation, they are more likely to be successful in the long term and are better equipped to take advantage of new opportunities for the future. 

We utilise structured and proven Change Management principles and techniques to ensure effective and sustainable change is realised, delivering the benefits expected.

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