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Expert LIMS consulting and implementation services

​​At Biomatics, we understand the complexities and challenges associated with implementing e-Laboratory Solutions, including Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). That’s why we can provide you with experienced e-Lab Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process.

Our experienced e-Laboratory Specialists have a comprehensive understanding of the technical and functional aspects of e-Laboratory LIMs systems along with extensive experience in laboratory operations and business processes. Our team of experts work agnosticically and collaborate closely with you and solution providers, to guide you in selecting the right system that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

Discovering your needs

To ensure the successful implementation of a LIMS that meets your specific needs, we begin with a thorough analysis of your lab’s workflows, processes, and data management requirements. This comprehensive assessment helps us to identify your challenges, opportunities for improvement, and the necessary components for an ideal LIMS software for your lab. 

Next, we guide you through a customised LIMS selection process, evaluating features, scalability, and compatibility to help you identify a system and provider which truly aligns with your goals. 

Finally, we develop a detailed implementation roadmap, considering timelines, resource allocation, and risk mitigation strategies to achieve seamless integration with existing laboratory systems and equipment.

Data Migration and Validation

To ensure a seamless transition and ongoing optimisation, we ensure there is a secure transfer of your existing data to the new LIMS platform, employing rigorous validation processes to maintain data integrity and compliance with industry standards. 

Working in collaboration with your organisation and the solution provider we tailor the LIMS to match your lab’s specific data capture, reporting, and analysis needs, continuously refining it based on user feedback and evolving requirements. 

Additionally, we assist in maintaining regulatory compliance by implementing features and processes to track and manage regulatory data, along with providing regular updates to keep your system aligned with changing requirements.

Training and User Adoption

To ensure a smooth transition and maximise user adoption, we provide comprehensive training programmes for lab staff, followed by ongoing support to address any challenges and enhance user proficiency. 

We also proactively monitor and support your LIMS to address any issues promptly and continuously optimise the system throughout the process to adapt to emerging business needs and technological advancements. 

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