Operational Excellence

Empowering a culture of Continuous Improvement

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is a mindset, that consistently drives individual behaviour and activity across an organisation, embedding a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.​​

Whether you are an ATMP, CDMO or a Multi-National Life Science organisation, we typically work with companies who are facing challenges with scaling up productivity, retaining staff and providing consistent quality.

At Biomatics we empower your whole team with the mindset, knowledge and skills they need to improve all aspects of your organisation’s operations.  From processes and systems – to its people and culture. Our collaborative approach ensures that we work hand-in-hand with your people, aligning our expertise with your specific needs.

We provide a programme of Operational Excellence Training designed specifically for the Life Science sector.

We also offer an OpEx Gap Analysis his designed to uncover the hidden opportunities within your organisation that can lead to significant operational improvements, cost reductions, waste minimisation, enhanced efficiency, and support for your growth ambitions.

Unlock your Potential with the benefits of Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence can drive unprecedented success within life science organisations.

As organisations scale up to meet new KPI’s and Targets, often systems and manufacturing processes which work for small-scale production, do not work as efficiently. OpEx can help you identify how to optimise information systems for peak performance and align your goals and strategies for future growth.

OpEx elevates staff satisfaction, strengthens resilience and fosters a culture of well-being,  to create a thriving, collaborative workplace. All of which boosts retention rates to keep top talent and drive unparalleled success, both internally and with customers.



Operational Improvements with OpEx

  • Enhance team communication for seamless collaboration.
  • Build trust between your teams like never before.
  • Boost customer satisfaction to unparalleled levels.
  • Elevate regulatory compliance to new heights.
  • Skyrocket financial performance for a thriving business.
  • Reduce manufacturing delays for streamlined processes.
  • Cut the cost of stock held and watch your savings grow.
  • Minimise vein-to-vein time for optimal efficiency.
  • Trim down environmental monitoring time and costs.
OpEx Gap Analysis

Biomatics OpEx Team supports organisations with:

  • Leadership & Development programmes
  • Succession planning
  • Implementing clarity of purpose
  • Rapid scaling
  • Driving Higher throughput
  • Implementing Automation
  • Technology adoption and exploitation
OpEx Training Programme

Experience the Power of Operational Excellence – Unleash Your Potential Today!

  • We create a bespoke plan based on your current position, building on what already works well
  • We use a blended approach of training, facilitating, coaching and consulting to introduce, embed and spread the key elements of an Operational Excellence approach
  • Strategy Deployment Framework
  • Lean Six Sigma training (White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt) and practical application support
  • Communication and Engagement strategy –  to engage, equip and empower teams in pursuit of a culture of continuous improvement
  • We build sustainable capacity and capability within your organisation to enable your strategic objectives to be achieved, with a clear focus on outcomes
  • We co-create with you a dashboard to measure inputs, outputs and outcomes, qualitatively and quantitively

Video case study

Accelerating Operational Excellence at the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

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